Visiting Vendor Program


The Main Street Farmers Market invites you to attend our Market as a visiting vendor. Every year, we save one stall at our lively market for vendors who would like to appear a few times during the season. We do this so that prospective vendors can try out our market and so that we can offer our loyal customers some interesting products that are not already offered by our permanent vendors. We offer this opportunity at the rate of $20.00 per appearance, which is non-refundable and is payable in full in advance.

Our Products

Our Market offers the freshest and finest agricultural products that the Washington area has to offer. It also offers a range of high quality prepared foods and herbal products such as soaps. Needless to say, we are a bit picky about our products. To see if your product qualifies, please review the section below entitled “Qualifying Products” or talk to our contact person below.

Our Market

The Main Street Market is an open-air Market, held rain or shine, each Thursday afternoon from 3:00 to 6:00 pm, beginning Mid-May and continuing through the last Thursday in October. The Market is held at the Community Pavilion located near the corner of South Main & Wheeling Streets. We have operated for many years in this location and our Market is well known and well attended. We are also close to many of Washington’s major employers, including The Observer-Reporter Newspaper, the County Courthouse, Chapman Industries, Washington and Jefferson College, WJPA Radio, Washington’s downtown retail area, and several restaurants. And, thanks to the City, metered parking is FREE after 3:00 p.m. on Market days.

How It’s Done

 Let us know what you’d like to sell and what days you would like to attend. If your product qualifies, we’ll contact you and confirm dates for you to attend. On the day of the Market, you will need to bring your own 6’ table, any display items you’d like to use, a chair, a cash box with change, and any literature or business cards you’d like to hand out. If you are a vendor of a food item that is subject to health code regulation (anything other than simple, unwashed produce), please also bring a copy of your license with you to the Market.   You may set up your display after 2:00 pm. When you get to the Market, please check in with Market Manager Ed Stout, and he will show you where to set up. The Market begins promptly at 3:00 pm and runs through 6:00 pm. We ask that you have someone at your display area at all times.

Contact Us

If you are interested, please fill out this form, sign it and send it to or to Main Street Farmers Market, P.O Box 1100, Washington, PA 15301. If you have any questions, contact Ed Stout, market manager, at or 724-263-8946. Thanks for considering us and we hope to see you soon!

Qualifying Products: 

We have very strict rules for ensuring that our Market supports local growers and producers. We also wish to ensure that we feature only the highest quality products. Acceptable products are as follows:

  1. Acceptable agricultural products. Vendors may sell raw fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products, live plants, cut flowers, honey, beeswax, and similar agricultural products which meet the following criteria.
    1. Of high quality. All agricultural products displayed by vendors shall be of the highest quality and freshness. Vendors must withdraw from display any product that, in the discretion of the Market coordinators, fails to meet this high standard. Upon request, the Market coordinators may, in their discretion, permit the sale of certain wholesome but second-quality agricultural produce, such as cider-quality apples, so long as those products are not prominently displayed.
    2. Self-grown or produced. All products offered for sale at the Market shall be grown or produced by the vendor offering it for sale. Upon request, a limited exemption may be granted, in the discretion of the Market coordinators, permitting the sale of products grown or produced by others so long as the product otherwise qualifies as local and the actual grower or producer is clearly identified by the Vendor at his or her stand.
    3. Local. All agricultural products offered for sale at the Market shall be grown or produced within a 100 mile radius of Washington, Pennsylvania. Upon request, a limited exemption may be granted to each vendor, in the discretion of the Market coordinators, permitting the sale of one non-local product per market day when all the following conditions are met.
      1. The non-local product does not compete with a similar local product being offered for sale at the Market. For example, anyone selling non-local peaches must cease selling them upon verbal notice that local peaches are now being offered for sale at the Market (although a vendor receiving such notice may continue selling the non-local produce for the rest of the market day on which he or she receives such notice).
      2. The non-local product is clearly labeled as “NON-LOCAL” and its origin identified.
  1. Acceptable “value added” products. Vendors may also sell baked goods, jams, cheeses, smoked meats, grilled foods, soaps, and other prepared or “value added” products with the approval of the Market Coordinator. Approval of such products shall be at the discretion of the Market Coordinator but will include consideration of the extent to which the value added product improves the Market’s product mix, the quality and desirability of the product, and the extent to which the product or the producer have local ties. All such products must be wholesome and of high quality and must be prepared and served in compliance with all applicable health codes. Vendors must withdraw from sale any product that, in the discretion of the Market coordinators, fails to meet these high standards.


  1. In the event that I am chosen as a Visiting Vendor, I agree to participate in The Main Street Farmers Market and abide by the foregoing conditions.

Visiting Vendor Program



By submitting this application I certify that:

  • All the items I will sell at the Main Street Farmers Market are made by me, and I will not re-sell items made by others;
  • I will be responsible for all sales and use taxes and I have all certifications necessary to sell my products;
  • I agree to be comply with the terms contained in this application
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